Hormel® Black Label® Thick Cut Brown Sugar Bacon 12 oz. Pack

For a cut that doesn't fall apart, but a taste that practically melts on your tongue, try HORMEL BLACK LABEL Thick Cut Brown Sugar Bacon. Whether it's the star ingredient in one of the new bacon recipes you found online or something you're eating right from the pan, this savory-sweet bacon is a great way to elevate your cooking, which is why we make it so dang easy for you to get it delivered to your door. Slowly smoked to perfection, HORMEL BLACK LABEL bacon is serious bacon for serious bacon lovers — or anyone ready to become one! WE'RE ALWAYS THE NEW BLACK . BLACK LABEL is a trademark of Hormel Foods, LLC. Slowly smoked over natural wood 80 calories per serving Hand-trimmed and smoked for a complex, savory flavor Thick slices that don't break apart; great for cooking; easy to chop 8 grams of protein per serving (2 pan fried slices)